Raley And Raley Attorneys At Law - RALEY & RALEY STOLE MONEY- SHAM ARTISTS

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Raley LAw Firm out of Ft. Worth Texas are a bunch of CRAIGSLIST SCAM ARTOSTS'! I hired them for some legal work and they d nothing and disappeared withmy money. Rachael Raley-Fisher , the paralegal,is marroed tot eh one partner in the firm- GAGE RALEY- WHO ISN'T EVEN A LICENSED ATTORNEY in THIS COUNTRY!! Bill Raley is Gage Raleys' father- he is an OLD WORTHELSS lawyer at the end o his career. The are deperate to stay in business and steal peoples' money.


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Whoever told you that you have to live in Texas to sue in Texas is WRONG. If there is a Cause of Action do not let the Statute of Limitations run out!!


I know just how you feel.My brother is a dentist in Ft.Worth, TX and is as crooked as they come.

He and his attorney's stole every dime from my mother's trust and laugh about how they cheated us poor AZ folk.

He even got a Kingman attorney, Tom Price, in on the deal to fatten all their pockets at the expense of my children's education.When I tried to file a lawsuit to get help, I learned you have to live in TX to sue in TX.

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